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Dec 30, 2019

In this episode, Emily examines how real surrogate grandparenting works in an imaginary world--a living history museum where it's always 1836, and the townspeople included Emily's children.  (Photo: Asa Gauen)


Here's Emily with Betsy Gerard:

Emily with Betsy Gerard, historic interpreter

Above Betsy's couch hangs this Tasha Tudor...

Dec 15, 2019

Emily talks with a couple who have loved a family as surrogate grandparents, filling a void and finding joy in the role they chose. And she interviews the author of "Tiny, Perfect Things," about what a grandfather and his granddaughter see while walking slowly and looking carefully.


Author M.H. Clark

Dec 1, 2019

Sometimes the gift-giving season can be overwhelming when shopping for grandchildren. Listen as Emily talks to an out-of-town grandmother who has to weigh the pros and cons of shipping items or ordering online, and then learn something from a store owner about supporting local businesses throughout the holiday...